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Granular Trustpilot sentiment analytics software

Uncover the drivers of negative and positive brand sentiment with SentiSum's AI-based analytics engine. With a simple integration, we'll surface actionable insight from your Trustpilot reviews in real-time.

Customer support ticket analytics and insights using AI automation

"No more tagging, just root cause insights on-demand. Every team has started using support insights!"

Director of Customer Service, +$50m revenue fast-growth company

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Trustpilot Review

Our AI language engine

SentiSum's core technology is a machine-learning based NLP engine.

It's designed to uncover granular, accurate insights from Trustpilot reviews in real-time in a way that's:

1/ Accurate: It understands meaning, not just keywords.

2/ Granular: It surfaces friction points at a root cause level.

3/ Fast: It analyses reviews in real-time, which we can directly to you as they happen.

P.s. We're multilingual and multichannel (even voice).

Real-time review analytics

Trustpilot sentiment analytics

Trustpilot sentiment analytics

Customer reviews provide insight into customer friction points and churn drivers.

With SentiSum, you have unprecedented access to them. You'll understand the topics and sentiment of every review at scale.

It becomes simple to identify areas for CX improvement and drive positive business outcomes based on review insights.

Turn reviews and negative comments into support tickets

Our sentiment analytics engine continuously analyses your review sites and social channels, and identifies negative feedback in real-time. You can respond quickly and prevent damaging brand events.

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A daily email full of customer insights

Leverage Trustpilot for granular insights

Our AI tagging engine understands each review at a granular level.

You'll be able to report customer insights from customer reviews in minutes and drive positive CX changes.

All your channels under one roof

SentiSum is a single source of truth. In one simple-to-use dashboard, you'll understand the topic and sentiment of every customer conversation, survey and review.


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“We can now proactively identify negative feedback, respond to it, and fix issues.”

Jack Ames

Contact Centre Manager

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