Intelligently prioritise support tickets

Automatically prioritise tickets based on urgency, risk and sentiment at scale.

Some tickets have higher importance, we'll help you reduce first response times to those tickets.

CSAT analytics and insights using AI automation

"It's exciting to be able to easily show other departments what's causing huge increases in ticket volume or negative feedback."

Director of Customer Service, +$50m revenue fast-growth company

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How it works

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An image showing AI ticket tagging and automated support ticket tagging

Data-driven prioritisation

SentiSum's proprietary tagging taxonomies identify cancellation or churn risk, angry customers, and urgent topics. Those tags are auto-applied and your tickets are prioritised in the queue.

You'll save you, your agents and your customer time. And bring a level of objectivity to the prioritisation process.

About our tech

Built to save you time

Customer insights single source of truth platform

Respond quickly to those in need

Some topics lead customers to churn. Some could damage your brand image. Some are just time sensitive.

Using SentiSum, these cases will be automatically prioritised so your team can handle them efficiently.

Remove subjectivity from the priority process

Basic triggers and agent-driven prioritisation are often filled with inaccuracies that increase response time and hurt customer satisfaction.

We'll help you become confident you're prioritising the important tickets, while saving agents from hassle.

Use CSAT for quality assurance (QA)
A daily email full of customer insights

Realise value quickly

Setup time is fast. Our prioritisation system is implement-and-go, so you'll start seeing immediate impact on CSAT and average handle times.

All your channels under one roof

SentiSum is a single source of truth. In one simple-to-use dashboard, you'll understand the topic and sentiment of every customer conversation, survey and review.

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What you can do with SentiSum

Automated tagging

Automate your support ticket tagging and reporting actionable insight with ease.

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100% CSAT insights

Automated, granular CSAT analytics—even when no explanation is provided.

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Whether the topic is urgent or the customer sounds angry, respond faster to important tickets.

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Auto-ticket routing

Assign a particular agent or team depending on the topic of conversation.

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Auto-monitor reviews

Automatically turn angry reviews or social media comments into tickets to be handled.

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Auto-suggest responses

Suggest the right response for the ticket, so agents can respond quickly and efficiently.

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“We can now proactively identify negative feedback, respond to it, and fix issues.”

Jack Ames

Contact Centre Manager

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