Why we started SentiSum

We believe that the customer support team can be a superpower for business growth.

Every customer contact holds a goldmine of data that can be turned into insight and leveraged to build unbeatable customer experiences.

Yet businesses still spend thousands of pounds every year running surveys and focus groups, wishing they could understand areas for product improvement, retention and word of mouth referrals.

At SentiSum, we help leaders like you unlock the value of support ticket tags. Our technology uncovers accurate, granular 'reasons for contact' at scale.

Our customers use their AI tags to build churn-busting customer support experiences. They leverage AI tags to automate routing and prioritisation of incoming tickets; turn negative reviews and social comments into tickets to be handled quickly; and to deeply understand the drivers of CSAT scores.

We've built our platform to augment your agents. You can remove manual tagging and other processes so that they can focus on what they do best: delivering a human experience.

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Meet the team

We're ambitious and growing fast. Join us and grow with us.

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We're ambitious and growing fast. Join us and grow with us.