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Automated Zendesk topic & sentiment analysis

We'll help you identify important issues so your team can proactively improve your operations and product. Get real-time insight into the drivers of support tickets with zero effort.

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"Now I get to quickly 'take the temperature' of significant numbers of customers as I review trade. I better understand patterns over time which will lead the team to taking action on customer friction."
Sean Mckee, Director at Schuh

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How it works

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We build you a customised AI

Your situation is unique. Our team will work closely with yours to find topics to track.

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Our AI continuously analyses your channels

With a Zendesk and other integrations, we can uncover insights on all channels.

Deliver insights to product

You get a real-time view of your customer

Depending on your needs, we can analyse all your data every few minutes.

SentiSum platform
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Easy and unified, not difficult and spread

One place for every channel

Insights from every channel in enough detail that you can deep dive the causes of customer friction.

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Real-time and complete, not ad-hoc and sampled

Uncover insight you'd confidently report

Drive change with customer insights your company can trust to be granular, accurate and timely.

SentiSum platform
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Actionable insights
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Simple and shared, not complex and siloed

Share insight that any team can understand

We've built our dashboard to be simple, so there's no complicated bits. And we've made sharing tools to quickly distribute fresh insight.


Quick integration across these platforms and more

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