Auto-tag Dixa conversations with unparalleled accuracy and granularity

SentiSum automates support ticket tagging so you can uncover actionable data from support conversations. Fix friction, triage topics, prioritise opportunities.

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What our Dixa integration does for you?

Improve agent productivity
Make your ticket tags accurate and granular, and then turn those those into easy-to-access insights
Extract valuable insights
Auto-triage support queries to the right team in real-time and reduce your average handle time significantly
Improve CX and sales
Automatically prioritise important customer queries based on urgency, risk, and sentiment

Automate tagging at root cause level

SentiSum automatically tags every conversation with detailed topics and sentiment. You'll have valuable insights at your fingertips, which you can use to drive improvements business-wide.

AI tagging
AI tagging support scaling

Collaborate against customer friction

With automated daily reporting, customisable views and company-wide access to insights, everyone can work together easily to tackle the drivers of customer frustration.

Reduce cost-to-serve with automation

With AI-based tags, you’re able to triage or prioritise inquiries based on their topic or sentiment. You’ll save time, improve customer experience, and increase sales.

AI tagging support scaling

What's the impact?

Quantify & confirm assumptions
Reduce weekly reporting time by 20x
Understand and tackle friction points

SentiSum is a single source of truth. In one simple-to-use dashboard, you'll understand the topic and sentiment of every customer conversation, survey and review.

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Photo of Catherine Onions, British Airways
Catherine Onions
Head of Customer Service
British Airways

"With SentiSum, in less than 5 minutes, we are now able to understand the drivers of our advocacy from over 100k reviews."

Photo of Joe Quinlivan, Gousto
Joe Quinlivan
Head of Customer Care

"SentiSum is easy to set up and the insights are accurate. Every team has started using customer conversation insights!"

Johannes Ganter
Head of CRM & Digital
James Villas

"We're very impressed by the technology itself, but even more so by the relentless effort the team puts in to support our specific use case."

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