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Our survey analysis tool helps you make better, faster decisions.

SentiSum makes it easy to understand your customer and share their voice across your company. Our superpower is uncovering granular topics and sentiments from survey comment data, so that you'll know exactly what's driving surveys like CSAT, NPS and CES.

Survey analysis with sentiment analytics tool

"As a team, we've saved a ton of time getting to actual, actionable insights from our surveys. As a company, we're moving quickly towards a competitive customer experience."

Director of Customer Service, +$50m revenue fast-growth company

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SentiSum tags survey data with unparalleled accuracy and granularity

A daily email full of customer insights

It works like a human does, but better

SentiSum's text and sentiment analytics AI works using machine learning. It doesn't rely on keywords like many automated tools, it reads like you and me.

For you, that means real-time, real accurate insights. You'll have the volume, intent, sentiment and topic of each and every survey free text field—without any of the work or worry.

We then bring all your survey insights together in one, easy-to-use dashboard so that they're democratised, and anyone can leverage them for better decision-making.

Build transparency across your organisation

We've built-in a number of communication and transparency tools to our platform.

There's options like a daily email with the latest updates, or the ability to create a 'View' so that your colleagues only see the insights relevant to their current projects.

Whatever you choose to do, SentiSum will help you collaborate with others across your organisation against customer friction.

A daily email full of customer insights

Say goodbye to inaccurate, high-level thematic analysis

Actionable Insights

Turn every survey or review into actionable insight that feeds into product, website, operations and CX teams. Route and prioritise inquiries based on nuanced topics and subtopics.

Unique tailored modelling

SentiSum builds each customer a customised AI model. Your tailored model gets to the heart of issues impacting your customers, so root cause analysis is quick and easy. Catch new, trending and hidden issues.

One holistic view

SentiSum covers every contact channel. Whether it’s voice, email, chat, social media, CSAT, NPS, you’ll have one complete understanding of customer conversations and feedback.

"I get to quickly "take the temperature" of significant numbers of customers as I review trade."

Sean Mckee

Director of CX & eCommerce

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