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Reduce support tickets, as a company

Before SentiSum: Pulling insight from your customer support tickets sucks. Topics change so often, manual analyses take up a lot of time, and it's hard to trust that the insight you have is accurate or relevant. After SentiSum: You're now dishing out valuable insight across the company every day. Every ticket is tagged automatically with AI and you know your customer better than ever before. Customer support is now the centre of business growth. You bring everyone together to tackle churn and improve customer experience.
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"We now have a clearer impact 'to do' list for the Web Optimisation team in their efforts to reduce customer friction." —Sean M., Head of Ecommerce and CX

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Granular level insights from support conversations
Customers using SentiSum's conversational analytics platform

conversation analytics

that bring everyone together

We help you unlock your customer support data goldmine so you can reduce complaints, drive retention and foster cross-functional collaboration. Our Zendesk integration means that any channel that you've got connected, we can deal with.

Conversation analytics technology
Reduce Leading Causes of Complaints

Understand your customer and prioritise change

SentiSum uses machine learning to achieve in minutes what manual analytics achieves in weeks. Automated topic tagging, anomaly detection, and multichannel granular insights are available with greater objectivity and speed than ever.

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97 new tickets from customers
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97 new tickets from customers
Improve Company Collaboration

Share insights that transform your company

Truly customer-centric change is achieved by putting actionable insights in the hands of the right team. Counter data silos and encourage cross-functional change by adding anyone to the daily insight email.

Tackle Customer Churn

Link data sets and predict customer churn

SentiSum's machine learning understands what topic of support conversation drive customer churn. Linking churn data to customer feedback allows you to proactively reduce the CX pain points losing you customers.

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Turn customer support into the centre of business growth

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Conversation analytics from every channel

Real time topic tagging from every customer contact channel in one place.

Data channel analytics

Actionable insights delivered where you need them to be

Web dashboard, daily email, and anomaly alerts—conversation analysis is delivered where you'll see them.

Support chat anomaly alerts

Call centre knowledge in the hands of every team

Whether it’s Customer Experience, Operations, or Product, data insights are pushed to everyone.

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Don't just take our word for it

"We now use SentiSum to identify improvements we need to make in our process. Whilst the obvious ones have always been there, SentiSum helps us identify issues that previously could have gone unnoticed and would have continued to cause issues for our customers."

—Sarah J., Head of Customer Experience

Chat analytics software
Customer analytics software

"[SentiSum] allows us to quickly identify very recent feedback that indicates a customer experienced unexpected work taking place at a hotel that has impacted their stay.”

—Catherine O., Head of Customer Service, British Airways

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Bring every team together to reduce customer tickets
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