Get granular insights from support tickets

SentiSum automatically tags every support ticket with accurate, granular topic and sentiment tags. Easily identify and report areas for improvement, and unlock productivity-boosting automations like routing, prioritisation and template suggestion.

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Support ticket prioritisation

The technology

We've built a powerful machine-learning analytics engine. It doesn't rely on keywords to tag tickets, it truly understands topic, sentiment and importance.

For you, that means actionable voice of customer insight without the manual effort of analysis, tag maintenance, or agent training.

We're also the only company to cover every contact & feedback channel in any language. Text, voice, German, you name it.

About our tech

What you can do with SentiSum

Automated tagging

Automate your support ticket tagging and reporting actionable insight with ease.

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100% CSAT insights

Automated, granular CSAT analytics—even when no explanation is provided.

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Smarter prioritisation

Whether the topic is urgent or the customer sounds angry, respond faster to important tickets.

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Intelligent ticket routing

Assign a particular agent or team depending on the topic of conversation.

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Ticket creation

Automatically turn angry reviews or social media comments into tickets to be handled.

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Response auto-suggest

Suggest the right response for the ticket, so agents can respond quickly and efficiently.

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SentiSum's daily digest automated reporting for support

Automate tagging and simplify contact reporting

SentiSum applies 'reasons for contact' in real-time and then makes those insights easy to access.

With our simple-to-use dashboard, reporting will become a 15-minute job instead of one that takes hours.

The consistency and accuracy of our AI means you'll be more confident than ever that in what you're reporting.

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Understand the drivers of 100% of CSAT surveys

High volumes of fresh CSAT survey results are difficult to analyse. Especially when most don't have context.

We pull in additional data, and automate sentiment analytics, to give you a complete picture of the drivers of customer satisfaction.

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CSAT before and after Sentisum
Customer service automation

Prioritise support requests automatically

Have your customer queries automatically prioritised based on urgency, risk and sentiment.

Some tickets have higher importance, we'll help you reduce first response times to them.

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Route tickets in real-time to the best team

Auto-assign support queries to the right team or individual in real-time. Your overall average handle time and first response time will reduce significantly.

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SentiSums auto-routing
SentiSum turns social comments and reviews into tickets

Tackle 100% of negative reviews & comments

SentiSum automatically turns every negative customer review and social media comment into a support ticket.

You'll be able to run damage control quickly to maintain your positive brand and catch customers before they churn.

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Suggest the right response for the moment

Our intelligent macro-suggestions save agents significant time searching for template responses and ensure customers get a response faster.

Auto-suggest macros

All your channels under one roof

SentiSum is a single source of truth. In one simple-to-use dashboard, you'll understand the topic and sentiment of every customer conversation, survey and review.

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“I better understand patterns now and over time which leads the team to taking action on customer friction.”

Sean Mckee

Director of CX & eCommerce

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