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New in SentiSum: Customised Views and Advanced Filters

New in SentiSum: Customised Views and Advanced Filters
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New in SentiSum: Customised Views and Advanced Filters

We're pleased to report several new feature releases that are now live in SentiSum.

It's our first public release in a while, and there's a huge number of improvements to announce.

In this article, we're highlighting just two new features, both of which improve the accessibility of analysis and ability to take action on your insights.

We'll be announcing a ton of other updates in the coming weeks, if you're interested in staying up-to-date then you can subscribe above.

Advanced Filters

Filters allow you to quickly focus in on the most relevant insights to your current projects and goals.

You can already filter your customer insights by contact channel, say if you want to understand drivers of customer friction on just voice call or email channel.

SentiSum filter by Voice
Voice channel filter applied

But, often you'll need to quickly segment, slice and dice your tags in more advanced ways to get a real root-cause understanding of an issue.

The new advanced filters let you combine data in new ways, so you can understand your conversations by channel, topic, sentiment, or ticket ID, and any AND/OR combination of them.

Let's look at just one example for when this might come in handy.

An example use case

Imagine you run a subscription-based business, something like DollarShaveClub where customer's receive new products each month on a rolling basis.

SentiSum has tagged your last 24-months of support conversations and all your reasons for contact—including multiple topics across each conversation—are presented in the dashboard below.

Since the company's guiding growth metric is subscription volume, you're keen to understand what's driving customers to cancel their subscriptions via customer service channels.

Now, with Advanced Filters you can drill down into the root causes of cancellations easily.

For example, let's say you want to deep dive the impact of your delivery partners on subscription growth.

AND/OR filters applied

By applying the filter combination Cancel Account AND Late Delivery or Delivery Instructions Ignored, you'll see every customer conversation that's been tagged with all these tags.

Advanced Filters Applied to Support conversations
Filters applied relevant insights/ conversations are browsable

Advanced Filters allow for a lot more flexibility and in-depth research. Perfect for answering ad-hoc questions and to help prioritise new improvement projects.

This is just one use case for how an AND filter could benefit your analysis, we're excited see how you use this in the future—so please share your wins with us!

To learn more about Advanced Filters, you can view our help centre article or reach out to our customer success team.

Customisable Views

Once you've sliced and diced your insights using Advanced Filters, you can save them in what we're calling a 'View'.

The ability to save filters means you can now curate the insights environment for a particular project or department you're running, so only relevant and useful insights appear.

Example Views

Here are three ways a View could be used:

  • Track the impact or performance of a new product or feature release. You create a View that your product team can use to gather customer insight and improve the product over time.
  • Track the impact of a new support operations project on ticket volume. For example, let's say you've added new help centre articles recently. You create a View containing those topics to see if volume decreases over time.
  • You've recently retrained agents on a topic that was driving negative CSAT ratings. You can create a View containing only CSAT survey results relating to that topic, to see if things improve.

Everyone and every team has different priorities, so customised Views make it easy for anyone across your company access customer service insights that are relevant to them, so the can take action in the way they want.

Customising a View is a great way for your customer service managers and project leads to track the impact of ongoing projects, too.

Read the 'personalise your dashboard' section in our help centre to discover more ways to personalise your SentiSum dashboard.

That’s it! Hope you have fun with this release, we’ll have another for you soon.

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