Automated customer sentiment analysis

Turn negative reviews, comments and survey feedback into granular insight on pain points and friction.

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Feedback Sentiment analysis

Keep a finger on the pulse

Automation helps you save hours of time sorting free text fields. Got 100,000 survey responses or reviews? You'll understand their volume and sentiment in minutes, so your team can take action right away.

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Analytics at scale
Deal with high volumes easily, so you can cover 100% of the data set.
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Automated tagging
AI does the tagging. Save time and reduce subjectivity.
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Clear prioritisation
Volume and sentiment data shows you what you need to prioritise.
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Reduce customer friction
Uncover and identify barriers to purchase and continued loyalty.
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Understand drivers of advocacy
Track what people love about your brand.
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Track performance of change
Set goals, make changes, and see the results.
Unified customer insights
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Understand drivers of brand advocacy

Boost loyalty and reduce churn

Turn high volumes of free text customer feedback into unbiased insights in minutes. Expose churn drivers and boost brand advocacy by delivering the right teams customer insight.

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Automatically tackle high volumes of data

Say goodbye to manual analyses

Let a customised AI model tackle feedback analytics for you. Save hours of time sorting free text.

Real-time Insights
SentiSum Value proposition cards
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Track third party partner performance

Track issues that matter to your brand

Type any word or phrase to pull up all the related customer feedback over any time frame. And we'll build a model to alert you to the words that matter to you.

Trusted by industry-leading organisations

"SentiSum are a catalyst for change. I better understand patterns now and over time which leads the team to taking action on customer friction. Less friction means more sales."

Sean Mckee

Director of Ecommerce & Customer experience

Customer analytics software

"SentiSum allows us to quickly identify very recent feedback that indicates a customer experienced unexpected work taking place at a hotel that has impacted their stay."

Catherine Onions

Head of Customer Service, British Airways

Chat analytics software

"SentiSum took away manual collation of data for why customers contact us. It has helped us drive change without manually having to collate information or feedback on why something needs to improve."

James Jones

Head of Customer Service, large eCommerce retailer