Heidi El Hawary, Head of User Support, trivago

Leveraging customer insight; challenging myths; and what's good and bad in the industry right now.
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What's in the episode?


This week, I had the pleasure of chatting to Heidi, the Head of User Support at trivago (the Dutch-based metasearch company).

For obvious reasons, trivago has been through a tumultuous time over the last year, in the last week of March 2020 it was announced that revenue had fallen by 95% (in 2019, trivago reporting nearly $1bn annual revenue).

No doubt, that's about to change.

As the world starts to leave pandemic mode, Heidi and I caught up on how companies (specifically customer service departments) can prepare.

For nearly a year, support query volumes have been lower than usual and the topics affecting customers have changed considerably. We're likely going to see a reversal of that very soon, making the tips Heidi shared in this interview critical for many.

This entire interview was PACKED with insight for customer support leaders. Look at what else we covered πŸ‘‰

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We answer these questions:

  • Heidi's customer service philosophy
  • Why you need to empower your agents
  • Challenging the notion that customer support agents don't care
  • How to start putting the customer first
  • The good tactics and the bad tactics used by customer support teams right now
  • Product managers: Why customer support ticket insights are so important for you
  • How to leverage insights to build a customer-centric organisation
  • How to prepare your support team for the post-pandemic rush

Phew, we covered a lot in 30 minutes. Safe to say this episode was thought-provoking and packed with insight.

Heidi's interview provoked a lot of interesting questions for us. We'll be expanding on them all month on our blog and LinkedIn. Why not subscribe to follow along (you'll also receive exclusive access to all our downloadable content. For example, our 12 point checklist for preparing your team for the post-pandemic world).

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