How Loom tackled contact rate while scaling to 10 million users

Interview with Lauren Cunningham, Senior Support Ops & Strategy Lead at Loom
Interview with Lauren Cunningham, Senior Support Ops & Strategy Lead at Loom
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This week's guest is the incredible Lauren Cunningham, Loom's Senior Support Ops & Strategy Lead.

In Lauren's 2.5 years at Loom, the company went through a mind-blowing growth periodโ€”from 700,000 to 10,000,000 users.

For the customer support team that meant dramatically rising requests and issues to handle.

Over the period, Lauren and the Loom team used a number of tactics to reduce the percent of customers contact support from 4% to 1%.

For example:

  • They built out a high-quality help centre, and viewership increased from 1 million per quarter to 3 million.
  • Their web-app automation served 350,000 answers before tickets got created.
  • Their chatbot reduced ticket volume by 15-20%.
  • They used Loom's own product to deliver fast and personalised customer communications.
  • They leveraged support insights to drive product improvements.

And, the best bit?

The Loom team prioritised customer experience, not ticket deflection, and their CSAT scores remained high.

In this episode, we also chatted about support insights and Loom's product-feedback loop.

So, if you love customer insights like we do, listen until the end to hear how and why Loom shares support insights across the company.

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Episode timestamps

1:00 How did loom reduce contact rate?

10:00 What should other people avoid?

11:23 Over the pandemic Loom made their product free to education users. Overnight they saw a 20,000 jump in ticket volume due to an issue that was quickly fixed. Here's how.

12:25 How Loom tackled their 6x ticket volume jump (pandemic backlog)

13:46 How Loom shares support insights to product teams

16:29 How Loom uses insights to improve products.

17:40 How Loom tells a story with insights to drive improvements.

18:30 How does Loom choose which insight to share with other teams?

21:30 Why does Loom share insight from support?

22:00 Are support insights the answer to making support extremely valuable to the rest of the company? To be seen as strategic?

23:00 How to make support seen as a growth centre

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