How to build a customer obsessed culture

Interview with Charlotte Spain, Customer Service (Rider Happiness) Manager at Buzzbike
Interview with Charlotte Spain, Customer Service (Rider Happiness) Manager at Buzzbike
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This week's podcast guest, Charlotte Spain, heads the 'rider happiness' team at Buzzbike.

In the past year, Charlotte and her team have grown customer service at the thriving startup into a mature, customer obsessed function.

She's built an internal brand around customer service, championed the role as a long-term career, and placed the department at the strategic heart of the company where it influences marketing, operations and customer happiness.

In this episode, we look at best practice from Buzzbike so that you can get inspired.

You'll find out:

  • Why Buzzbike calls customer service the rider happiness team?
  • Charlottes journey of building out a customer service department from (almost) scratch
  • What steps you can take to build a customer obsessed culture
  • Why great customer service and experience is part of Buzzbike's DNA
  • How to help people stop thinking of customer service negatively, and see it as a long-term career choice.
  • Why hiring from hospitality is the winning formula for finding great customer service agents.
  • Why the customer service team at Buzzbike is so involved with marketing messaging
  • How Buzzbike identifies trending problems affecting their riders.
  • How Buzzbike uses the negative lexicon approach by Danny Meyer
  • Why the Buzzbike team get customer insight by going on bike rides.
Within 6 months we managed to reduce our average response time from 4 hours to just outside of 15 minutes, which equals world class service!β€”Charlotte
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