Use support tickets to drive company-wide improvement

It's hard to get other teams to take action without evidence. SentiSum makes finding that evidence easy by turning thousands of qualitative conversations into quantitative insights.

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Support Ticket Analytics Platform

"It's exciting to be able to easily show other departments what's causing huge increases in ticket volume or negative feedback."

Director of Customer Service, +$50m revenue fast-growth company

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Lead with insight

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Truly understand reasons for contact

Feel confident you know your customers.


Conduct root cause analysis with ease

Rapidly understand and report drivers of customer friction.

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Lead change from the frontline

Make customer service the strategic centre of your business.

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Root cause analysis without the effort

SentiSum replaces all the manual tagging, analysis and reporting efforts behind sharing customer insight across your company.

“SentiSum helps us identify problems that previously could have gone unnoticed and would have continued to cause issues for our customers.”

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Jack Lems, Director of Customer Service

AI is fast, consistent and detailed.

SentiSum makes the topic and sentiment of every support ticket, survey and review available at the click-of-a-button. We're accurate at any scale, too.

“In less than 5 minutes, we are now able to understand the drivers of our advocacy from over 100k tickets”

Catherine onions

Catherine Onions, Director of Customer Service, BA

historical support ticket analytics logs

Why replace your existing tagging system?

Most of our customers were already tagging support tickets before they started using SentiSum.

We've seen that most tagging systems either still take a lot of manual work to get right or the insights can't be trusted to back up business decisions. Agents will always struggle to tag tickets accurately and consistently, and built-in tagging systems usually only apply generic tags based on keywords.

Before SentiSum

  • Tags are broad and require manual digging
  • Tags become outdated so insight is missed
  • Tags are based on 'keywords' = inaccurate
  • Tags are applied inconsistently by agents
  • Reporting is still time-consuming

After SentiSum

  • Tags are granular and get to the heart of the issue
  • Tag taxonomies are continuously up-to-date
  • Tagging is machine-learning based = accurate
  • Tags are applied consistently to 100% of your tickets
  • Reporting is made simple with automation

Drive retention with granular ticket insights

Underpin your customer insight strategy with evidence to tackle churn, improve processes and train agents.

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Save agent time on every contact

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Reduce customer contact

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Come to the table with evidence

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Train agents on rising issues

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Improve CSAT

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Deeply know your customer

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Lead continuous improvement

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Decrease resolution time

What our customers say

British Airways

"SentiSum allows us to quickly identify very recent feedback that indicates a customer experienced unexpected work taking place at a hotel that has impacted their stay."

Catherine Onion

Catherine, Director of Customer Service


"SentiSum are a catalyst for change. I better understand patterns now and over time which leads the team to taking action on customer friction. Less friction means more sales."

Sean Mckee

Sean Mckee, Director of CX & eCommerce

Leading tyre co.

"SentiSum took away manual collation of 'reason for contact data'. It helped us drive change without the manual effort of building evidence that something needs to improve."

Jack Lems

Jack, Contact Centre Manager


SentiSum product overview