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Here's what you can expect from our trial.

Support service: Our customer success team will work closely with you so you get the most out of your trial.

Length of trial: 4 weeks from time of access. If you need more time to feel comfortable with your decision, we're happy to extend.

Setup time: 3 weeks from first contact. To give us a chance to work out your goals, train our models, and integrate your data.

Secure, scalable, and GDPR compliant: We have all the documentation you need and can quickly make them available to you.

Zendesk integration: We're live in the Zendesk Marketplace. But, let us know if you aren't a Zendesk user and we'll add you to our waitlist.

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They trust us for customer insights

Why your team will love SentiSum

Fastest time to insight
You'll know the main drivers of customer contact as they flow in to Zendesk.
Truly multichannel
We bring insight from every channel into one place. So you cover every base.
Makes CX collaborative
Every team is pushed insight relevant to their work. So CX is clearly on their to-do list.
Reduce churn
Understand churn signals and actively prevent them.
Save hours of time
Say goodbye to manual data sorting, topic tagging, and analysis.
Improve insight accuracy
With automated topic tagging, you'll no longer leave it to your agents to accurately tag chats.
Easy and understandable
We make your customer's issue understandable to everyone so you can be truly customer-centric.
Predictive analytics
Plan your workforce effectively now you know expected ticket volumes.
Zendesk integration
We are live in the Zendesk marketplace so you can go live more easily.