2: Challenger Banks: Customer Sentiment Analysis, 2020

In less than a decade, challenger banks have millions of customers, extraordinary valuations, and billions in investment— what’s so different about them? Where were traditional banks failing? What need did the new banks fulfil? What do people now expect as standard from their banking experience? We find answers to these questions by listening to their customers. But instead of doing another ad-hoc survey, we leverage rich data for this analysis. If you're wondering how many reviews it takes to get genuine insight—it's 100,000.
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We leveraged text analytics to understand large volumes of customer review data, automatically identifying topics and corresponding sentiment. As part of this customer sentiment text analysis, each review was automatically tagged with one or more topics and corresponding sentiment. Our analyses led to 20+ topics that were common across all the banks, each grouped into four general buckets: convenience, customer support, financial benefits, and security.

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