Senti can read

Consumer feedback is constantly growing online. There is a huge amount of data for businesses to manage and gain insight from.

Luckily, Senti loves to read consumer feedback, and can do it 240x faster than any human.

Senti reports everything

Senti compiles a monthly report which quantifies and summarises consumer pain points across the customer journey.

Senti can also report on your competitors and wider industry benchmarks, giving your business a competitive edge.

Senti has analysed hundreds of companies

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Traditional Consultancy Research

Without Senti

  • Error-prone, manual analysis of customer feedback
  • Not knowing what drives NPS
  • Lack of competitor insights

Time and money wasted


AI + Human

With Senti

  • Fast, automated and accurate analysis
  • Clear drivers of NPS identified
  • Distinct competitor insights

Strategic advantage gained