Uncover high quality insight from support chat data using NLP

Support chats and emails are an untapped goldmine of customer insight. Each one tells you a story of a pain point in your customer's buying journey, so you can know where to improve your product and operations. Contacts per order (CPO) is a clear indicator of customer experience, and our software can help you find the drivers of CPO automatically, every day, week or month.

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AI Models Customised To Your Data

Insights on your customer that power your growth

We can track any topics you want, tagging support conversations to provide you with CPO statistics you can use to monitor performance. Our machine learning will also discover recurring topics that you've missed, so you can proactively tackle the causes of customer complaints.

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477 new tickets from customers
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SentiSum platform
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Next Gen Speed to Insights

Get problems in front of those who can solve them

It's no secret. The faster you know the root cause of your customer support conversations, the faster you can make change that prevents the customer friction. But, who knows also matters. We take customer insights, simplify it and share it around your company every day. So the right team knows when there's a problem, right away.

Insights from customer support data

In times of intense competition in customer service, a strong focus on turning customer feedback into product and operational transformation is needed to stay ahead. NPS and review analysis done using NLP will provide you with immediate benefits, including a deep understanding of customer issues, a clear 'to do' list for your teams to prioritise, and a measure of performance over time.

Be comprehensive
No need to compromise. Uncover insights from 100% of the data set.
Save time
Save thousands of hours on manual analysis
Prioritise your to-do list
Know the key complaint drivers and set your team to tackle the biggest impact drivers first.
Eliminate human bias
Understand at a granular level the causes of negative sentiment, so you can reduce barriers in the customer journey.
Be the true customer voice
Know your customer better than anyone and drive customer-centric change.
Link datasets
Know what tickets lead to churn and tackle those problems first.
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See it in action on +100,000 reviews

The SentiSum team recently undertook a customer feedback analysis for two major industry verticals. Take a look below to see customer feedback analysis in action on reviews and you'll get a hint of what's possible when brands use this technology on customer support conversations.

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Don't just take our word for it

"SentiSum helps us to identify process improvements. We've identified issues that previously could have gone unnoticed and would have continued to cause issues for our customers."

Jack, Head of Customer Experience

Chat analytics software
Customer analytics software

SentiSum allows us to quickly identify very recent feedback that indicates a customer experienced unexpected work taking place at a hotel that has impacted their stay.

Catherine, Head of Customer Service, British Airways

Continuously improve your customer journey

32% of customers will now walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience. This makes for a precarious environment for ecommerce brands. With the pandemic and other world shaking events, companies are left with an increased chance of negative sentiment at each touchpoint. In light of this, delivery, digital experience and the post-purchase brand experience have never been more important.

To stay on top of customer touchpoints, negate negative customer experience and inspire loyalty, there's three features we focus on to help you remain competitive.

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