Get more from your customer support tickets with AI

Save your support agents time and get timely insights. AI can help you auto-tag the topic and sentiment of large volumes of customer conversations in seconds.

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The benefits of AI analytics for customer service

Support tickets are the only pure form of customer feedback. They're rich, unbiased and actionable. You did not ask for feedback. The customer came to you with a real problem, so there's no bias in who completes the survey, there's no incentive but to be truthful. The best thing about them? They come in high volumes. There’s 100s of opportunities everyday to learn about your customer’s friction points.

Be comprehensive
No need to compromise. Uncover insights from 100% of the data set.
Save time
No more manual analysis or ticket tagging
Prioritise your to-do list
Change the biggest problems, first.
Actionable insights
Our insights are granular, comprehensive and timely. The key elements to actionable data.
Drive customer-centricity
There's no better investment than in getting closer to your customer. Give your customer a louder voice.
Link datasets
Link operational data to customer insights to make the case that better CX leads to more revenue.


Quick integration across these platforms and more

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SentiSum platform
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It's not just live chat

Auto-tag any customer contact channel

We'll customise an AI model that improves itself over time. So you can uncover the reasons for contact across any feedback channel.

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Actionable insights
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A simple but powerful solution to siloed data

Share insight that any team can understand

We've built our dashboard to be simple to use. And we've made company-wide insight sharing easy and to the point.

SentiSum platform
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Easy and unified, not difficult and spread

One place for every channel

Insights from every channel in enough detail that you can deep dive the causes of customer friction.

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Don't just take our word for it
Customer analytics software

SentiSum allows us to quickly identify very recent feedback that indicates a customer experienced unexpected work taking place at a hotel that has impacted their stay.

Catherine, Head of Customer Service, British Airways

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Chat analytics software

SentiSum took away manual collation of data for why customers contact us. The data helps us drive change without again manually having to collate information or feedback on why something needs to improve.

James, Head of Customer Service, eCommerce Tyre Company

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