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Customer Journey sentiment from every customer conversation channel, in one platform.

Let AI prioritise issues for you

The AI platform which not only reads every conversation to identify customer issues but also understands the impact of those issues to the customer sentiment.

Correlate strategic changes with SentiSum results

Measure the impact of every small and strategic change to the overall customer sentiment.

For the time period of Dec 2016 until Feb 2018 the average level of engagement has been 52 comments per month, with the general level of satisfaction being at 85% satisfied.

The month that had the least engagement was Dec 2016 with only two mentions for that whole month. Whereas the month that the most negative sentiment was Jan 2017, with function 73% customer being satisfied with the pricing process.

On the positive note, Dec 2016 was the month that had the most happy customer, with 1005 satisfied.

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Status quo is the road to ruin. Understand you competitors like never before to stay ahead of the pack.

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