We analyze all customer touch points to accurately identify the largest areas of concern for your clients


We can analyze millions of data points from surveys, call center data, chat, CRM data, reviews, complaints, email and many other sources.

Precision Intelligence

Our proprietary AI solution not only identifies areas of concern, but pinpoints the root cause of customer experience issues.

Insights That Matter

Our real-time intelligence delivers insights that are actionable. Know which office, employees, products or services are affecting your customer’s experience.

Embrace the data-driven, journey view of customers over traditional touchpoint metrics. Leverage your customer’s point of view.


Only insights that matter….nothing else. Let SentiSum filter the noise for you.

We understand that prioritization is the most difficult part. Let SentiSum prioritize issues which affect customer retention.


Track, analyze, and act on everything happening with your competitors.


Our process


Tech introduction

Determine whether SentiSum is a good fit for your company.


Pilot Project

Demonstrate the benefits of SentiSumʼs technology when applied to your data and use case


Phased Rollout

Upon the success of the pilot project, the solution is rolled out in phases.