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Zendesk insights—with granularity and speed

Real-time, granular insights on every Zendesk support ticket so you can tackle the root cause of customer friction. Remove manual tagging and give back time to your agents with AI-powered automation.

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How it works

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We build you a customised AI model

We'll build you a bespoke AI that we monitor, improve and maintain over time. It's zero effort for you.

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The AI continuously analyses your channels

You'll get easy, granular insights from all channels, in real-time.

Deliver insights to product

You report customer insight that drives real growth

Tackle churn, be proactive to customer friction, conduct root cause analysis, triage tickets, and close the loop.

We're Zendesk exclusive

We're a dedicated Zendesk partner that helps top brands uncover and leverage granular insight from customer conversations. While Zendesk helps you improve your frontline customer communications, SentiSum helps your organisation leverage frontline insight to improve the customer's experience at the root cause. Find us in the Zendesk Marketplace.

AI Zendesk insights

How our AI-powered ticket tagging compares to Zendesk's in-built functionality

Zendesk Ticket Tagging

Tickets tagged inconsistently

Tags need to be cleaned

Tags are high-level like 'objection raised'

Historical logs are inaccessible

Reasons for contact reporting is complex

Any tagging automation is rule-based and naive

Tagging is at a singular level

SentiSum AI Ticket Tagging

Tagging is granular and automatic

We maintain useful tags for you

Tags are granular like 'mouldy chicken' (but tailored to you)

Know drivers of historical logs in minutes

Report reasons for contact with confidence

Tagging is achieved through machine learning and is smart

Tagging is hierarchical. Easily dive deep.

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Deep insights from customer complaints

Your Zendesk support tickets are a rich source of customer feedback. With our AI-powered support ticket insights, you'll unlock your ticket logs to provide objective, timely customer insight from Zendesk about reasons for contact.

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Uncover reasons for contact in real-time
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Remove admin tasks for support agents
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Share actionable data widely
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Tackle the root of customer complaints
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Makechat analytics your superpower
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Zero manual analytics—the work of 1/2 a FTE

What our customers say

British Airways

SentiSum allows us to quickly identify very recent feedback that indicates a customer experienced unexpected work taking place at a hotel that has impacted their stay."

Catherine, Director of Customer Service


SentiSum are a catalyst for change. I better understand patterns now and over time which leads the team to taking action on customer friction. Less friction means more sales.

Sean Mckee Headshot

Sean Mckee, Director of CX & eCommerce

Leading tyre co.

SentiSum took away manual collation of 'reason for contact data'. It helped us drive change without the manual effort of building evidence that something needs to improve.

Lucas Headshot

Jack, Contact Centre Manager


We integrate with any customer contact channel

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